Introduction to JFCC: What to Do After a Flying Career?


You might have heard a lot about it: 

‘Cabin crew job is not permanent’,
‘You can only do it when you’re young’, or
‘What comes next after flying?’

Busting the myth around flying career

There are a number of myths about being a cabin crew in the aviation industry, one of which is the difficulty of switching jobs once you pursue a career in this field. Of course, this is an unfounded belief because cabin crew is an exciting career choice that requires excellent skills and qualities as they have to carry out a variety of tasks. It’s a job that offers a chance to interact and build connection with people from all walks of life, so cabin crew members need to be adept at communication and problem-solving skills. 

The role of the cabin crew has so many facets. From customer service to leadership, they develop exceptional qualities over the years that make them great candidates for any role in the corporate world. If you are a cabin crew looking to switch careers and make transition to something completely new, you can make good use of your experience and transferable skills to land your next dream job. 

With the current events regarding the global health crisis of Covid-19, the airline industry is hit the hardest and many cabin crews are finding themselves being laid-off or furloughed until further notice. To help thousands of cabin crew who are out of work due to the pandemic, as well as anyone looking to make a career change due to personal reasons, Jobs for Cabin Crew (JFCC) exist through the need to connect talented cabin crew with new employers in a diverse set of fields. 

JFCC is a special project under Talentvis, a leading human resource consultancy with a growing presence across Asia – Pacific. We aim to help open the door to new opportunities for cabin crew who are looking to embark on a new career journey. With a growing subscriber base comprising cabin crew from global airlines, our objective is to connect the best cabin crew with potential employers. Through the JFCC platform, employers can search for crew profiles and post jobs that are only accessible by crews. 

How does JFCC work?

At JFCC, we believe simplicity is the beauty. To ensure concise and efficient hiring process, we create seamless hiring stages that can be best described as follow:   

So, are you ready to embark on a new career journey? Join JFCC today and discover a world of exciting opportunities that might suit your personality!