Commanding with Charisma as a Cabin Crew, Here’s How


If you think that being charismatic only involves the ability to influence other people, well technically you are not wrong but the sentence should not stop there. What most people forget is that charisma also includes affability - the ability to appear approachable and pleasant. And you can forsake one for the other, being charismatic only means you possess both of the criteria. But what do these all have to do with working as a cabin crew?

Why all cabin crews should strive for being charismatic

Well, this might surprise you but companies that provide customer services are only interested in hiring only charismatic people. Because only when you are charismatic then you could approach and influence your customers successfully. Granted, affability often comes first when thinking about the one skill to have as a cabin crew. However, being able to influence people you provide service for is like the secret magic to having a successful career. Not only that you will appear dependable, but flying post-pandemic requires cabin crews to adopt a new skillsets that will help you enforce rigorous new health protocols.

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So, how do you train yourself to become a person with charisma?

There are some people who were born with natural charisma. People like Barack Obama, Oprah Winfrey, and Winston Churchill, some of the most charismatic people in human history, are probably among the few with said privilege. However, that is nothing to suggest that you cannot train yourself to be charismatic.

Show instead of telling you are enthusiastic

According to Userlike, enthusiasm is the number one predictor of success in customer service, sales, or management. “Enthusiasm is infectious. In a neutral mood, encountering enthusiasm lights you up. When already happy, enthusiasm makes you happier. When angry, enthusiasm reassures you that someone will make things right.”

Charismatic people carry their enthusiasm non-verbally. Although the choice of your words also matters a lot to convey enthusiasm, what sets a great charismatic person aside is they show others how enthusiastic they are rather than simply telling them. You can depict enthusiasm implicitly through intonation and the tone of your voice and most importantly your body language.

Always check and keep practicing your patience

Without patience, your customers’ journey will be most likely ruined. And just like you carry your enthusiasm with action, when you are impatient, most of the time people will notice it through your raised tone or restless fidgeting. Of course, you can always try “hiding” all those feelings all you want, but it is more beneficial for you to learn to regulate your own emotions and train yourself to be more patient. This way, if conflicts were to arise, you can keep your head clear and think of the solution faster and wiser.

According to Psychology Today, you can practice patient by following these steps:

  • Recognize that impatience has arisen
  • Investigate how impatience feels in your mind and body
  • Begin to transform impatience into patience

In the end, keep in mind that self-improvement is always a struggle between constant try and error. If you botch your patience training, or if your enthusiasm backs fire, don’t get too hard on yourself. A tip will be keeping a cabin crew journal so you can think through carefully about what you could improve if similar things were to happen in the future. Good luck!

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