Best Things to Do During Layover Post-Pandemic


Almost every flight attendant has been “stuck” in a layover during the pandemic. If you are working on international flights, chances are the health protocols imposed on you are even more rigid. Before the pandemic, whenever possible, flight attendants usually spend their layovers going around the city or doing activities with colleagues. 

However, this has changed ever since the pandemic broke out and we no longer have that freedom. Granted, the borders are opening and mandates are getting lenient which may indicate the return to our “normal” routines prior to Covid-19. But will things get back to how it used to be? Now, what if we could balance health and entertainment so that our layovers can become more meaningful?

Here are some recommended activites to make your layover more productive:

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Working out before watching your favorite Netflix show

If anything, the pandemic has taught us the importance of keeping ourselves healthy and fit. Maybe some of you have picked up some workout routines throughout the past years. And now that the end of Covid-19 is upon us, that does not mean you could give up on all of your progress.

Regular workout is good for flight attendants. On top of keeping your body in shape, working out after a shift can relieve physical and mental stress. According to a study by Harvard, the root cause of stress is emotional, but the treatment should also involve the body. By exercising regularly, you will relieve your body from stress and stimulate blood regulations. In turn, the relaxed body will send signals of calm and control that help reduce mental tension.

Pro-tip: We understand that working out after a long shift may be too demanding for you. So to persuade your mind, promise yourself a reward every time you finish a workout. Choose an activity you enjoy the most during your leisure time, which could be watching your favorite Netflix show or buying snacks, and use them to reward yourself. Hopefully, this will keep you motivated despite the tiredness.

Take your camera and go sightseeing

If possible, we recommend you go explore the city on your layover. Sightseeing has so many benefits for you. First, you could find and meet locals as well as experience new things which may enrich your mind and improve your mental health. Even if you go out alone, sightseeing could offer you beautiful scenery while walking around the city, which is good for your health.

Then, if you are keen on photography, you should take your camera with you and capture the moments. Picking up hobbies is good for flight attendants, moreover if you could monetize those hobbies. Photography is a great hobby to pick up especially for flight attendants since you travel to so many places. Other suggestions would be shooting a video and uploading them as vlogs on your YouTube channel. 

Other than those two recommendations, surely there are many more options you could choose from. However, be sure that whatever it is that you choose, it does not compromise your health in any way. It is true that the pandemic may be over soon, but there is nothing wrong with taking extra measures to keep your own health always in its best condition.

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